What to Note about Total Gym Model History

The total gym is one of the machines that was initially designed for rehabilitation purposes but has of late found its way in homes and currently it is being used for daily workout routines by more than four million people. This article looks at total gym model history and how effective it is as a workout tool.

Total gym model history is long. The machine was marketed for community rehabilitation uses but the manufacturer saw its potential hence broadened its reach to home consumers. It is marketed through television a medium that demonstrates how it can be used effectively. The total gym brand was licensed as a response to needs of the retail market American Telecast operating in west Chester PA. Chuck Norris a renowned actor has relied on the model for his workouts for over 30 years. Other internationally celebrities, athletes and supermodels have followed his steps and are currently using the model for their regular workouts.

Model can be bought through commercial site

resource.ashxToday, TOTAL GYM Home models can be found in homes, commercial centers where they are used for fitness. The model can be bought through commercial site Total Gym It is can be bought any time of the day on a 24hour basis and has distributors located in different cities and distribution centers in the world.

The model is designed in a way that it targets major muscle groups in a single workout. It is ideal for resistance training stretching and cardio training. With this machine, one is capable of performing over 80 exercises. As an individual, you only need 8 minutes of workout every day to put you in the right shape. The machine is efficient effective and perfect for the entire family and can be used by people who are as old as 80 years.

The machine makes use of the inclined plane gravity resistance concept which dates back to 1892. A Germany cross country skier developed an inclined rolling board with a set of pulleys meant to help strengthen the upper parts of the body. What TOTAL GYM did was to advance on this technology by adding calibrated levels of resistance and a few other features that engages all muscles groups.

Today, Total Gym offers a product line of exercise machines that are used for various purposes including strength training, stretching and pilate training. The machines are designed by EFI sports medicine Incorporated in San Diego California. The models are manufactured for different categories of customers including fitness facilities, home consumers and medical facilities. Infomercial is the best known model on the market. This model is sold through advertising and is the longest running and best serving infomercial product in use today.

Smaller home models are made by other two companies

The smaller home models are made by other two companies meaning that EFI specializes in making commercial professional models only. This model is referred to us inclined plane body weight training device. Total Gym was an idea of Tom Companaro who was a body builder. He was assisted by Larry Westfall and Dale Mcmurray to develop the machine. The three started a company by the name Total Gym incorporated which specialized in producing devices used for exercising. The machine duplicates the movement the body makes as a person goes about his day to day activities. The device is modeled around the interests of physical therapists and the needs of medical professionals.

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Total Gym is recommended and is found to engage all the muscles groups and allow over 100 functional exercises using different levels of inclined resistance. If you are looking for a device that feature a range of motions and variable resistance, Total Gym will give you all that. It also gives variable resistance levels including both heavier resistance at the top and light resistance on the horizontal. Clients can begin their exercise by using the upper exercises before they proceed to the lower body exercises. It allows them to carry out stretching activities, comprehensive movement and strengthening building activities. This concept is meant to help facilitate key components of exercise. It is superb for cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility and body composition. The machine occupies less space compared to other weights machines.

Total gym model history cannot be exhausted if we don’t talk about the convenience of the total weight gym machine. However, the decision to purchase the machine should not be based on hurried decisions. You must consider your needs, the budget you have as well as understand your own fitness levels, your home environment and habits. Even though the modern Total gym is a little bit expensive, choosing on one that suits your budget and needs is recommended. Luckily, the machine does not require a lot of space and you can use it anywhere including your house. All you need to do is to move the furniture or shift a few items and create some space that can allow you to workout. You must also learn how to fold them up and store them until when they are needed again.