Total Gym XLS Reviews

It’s not surprising that most Total Gym XLS reviews say a lot nice things about this top-of-the-line model from the Total Gym lineup. It’s supposed to be the best of them all, so of course most of the reviewers say that they don’t regret their decision to buy Total Gym XLS instead of a cheaper product.

Let’s examine what you’re supposed to receive when you buy the XLS. First it has to arrive at your place already fully assembled. It should come with a more advanced pulley system, the glide board should be well padded and contain head support, and the handles should be made of flexible nylon straps.

The Total Gym XLS accessories should include a wing attachment, a better than standard squat stand, a training deck, and a leg pulley accessory.

You should also receive workout DVDs, featuring the “Start It Up!” instructional workout, the 6-8 minute workouts, smart training, and body makeover. Workouts designed by Todd Durkin should also be included in the DVD list, featuring the beginner, intermediate, and 5-day advanced programs. Finally, there should be a Nutritional Program & Meal Plan designed by Dan Isaacson.

Now if you want, you can read up on the benefits of the XLS on the manufacturer’s website, but of course that info is just marketing. You may find the info on the customer reviews much more informative and also more objective.

So here are some of the nuggets of info you can get from the reviews.

You need to look around for the Total Gym XLS best price. 

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The problem with the manufacturer’s website is that they don’t display the recommended price for the XLS. So now you’re left wondering just how much this is going to cost you.

If you’re afraid that the price can bFitness_and_Weight_Loss_123e exorbitant, then you’re right. The manufacturer is not enthusiastic about the price because the regular price according to some reviews is $2,000. Now many reviews say that the while the XLS is good, it’s not really $2,000-level good.

So because it is overpriced, the bang for the buck value is severely disappointing. If you can get it at a substantial discount (for less than $1,000 for example), you need to pull the trigger on that purchase quickly.

Your mileage may vary.

Simply put, who the seller is may affect the quality of the product you receive. For example, it may not come to your doorstep fully assembled already. Fortunately, those who did say they needed to assemble the machine revealed that it wasn’t all that hard.

Some say that quality control is inconsistent, so some products may show some damage while others won’t. Again, this may be related to who you buy it from. But some did say that if you need Total Gym XLS replacement parts, you can either get from the manufacturer itself or from an outfit called Huck Products.

This thing is sturdy.    


The advertisements say that the XLS can handle users up to 400 pounds and the age range is from 8 to 80 years old, and that means practically anyone can use it. For the most part, the reviews do concur with this assessment. However, Total Gym does say that the height limit is 6 feet 2 inches.

The sturdiness is also the reason why Total Gym offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, and a 2-year warranty for the moving parts. In contrast, some of the other Total Gym models only come with a 90-day warranty. The XLS also comes with a guaranteed 60-day money-back guarantee.

It works well.

This must be stated right off, because it is a common theme among the reviews. It works as advertised, and that means it works within the limitations Total Gym has set for it.

Yes, you can do some cardio and some strength training. Yes, you can work out the major muscle groups for a full body workout. Yes, it can tone your muscles, help you lose weight, and boost your strength, endurance, and balance.

Still, this is not a piece of equipment a serious bodybuilder will need, because the resistance level is simply inadequate for intense weight lifting. While there’s a way to boost the resistance by buying accessories, for the most part this is ideal only for beginners to intermediate users. Advanced users may want to go with more specialized machines.

You’re going to need a lot of space.

This is true for just about any Total Gym machine, but with the XLS it’s really true. That’s because when fully extended for use it is 90 inches long. That’s more than 7 feet.

That’s just the equipment, mind you. You also need space for your movements as well. So if you live in a tiny apartment, you’re going to have a problem.

Even storing the XLS is a problem. Supposedly, it folds and it can fit under most beds. That’s not entirely accurate, because even folded this thing is still humungous. And you need to be careful when you fold and unfold the XLS, because some of the parts can injure you.

Get the weight bar accessory. 

Total Gym Weight Bar


This accessory extends the resistance level of the machine, because its maximum resistance is 44% of your body weight. So if you weigh 180 pounds, you’re working with less than 80 pounds of resistance.

For beginners, it’s fun. 

A lot of beginners have also expressed the opinion that the XLS isn’t boring. It’s a good thing that the machine works smoothly, but the variety of exercises (more than 80 exercises possible) means that they can try out new things.

Part of the reason for its popularity with beginners is that the DVDs are really well-made. They demonstrate the exercises clearly, and you can follow the pace as well.

Once you’re familiar with the DVD videos, you can just use the wall chart info as a visual reminder of what you need to do. Meanwhile, you can put the TV to better use by watching sports or your favorite TV show. After all, part of the fun of working out at home is that you can watch whatever you want while you’re working out.

Check out the Total Gym XLS reviews for yourself, and see what they’re saying. And when you get your own XLS, don’t forget to write a review of your own.