Top 3 Total Gym Accessories

Investing in Total Gym workout equipment is a great deal, considering the utter versatility you get with these machines. These contraptions are well-built and last a very long time, so you don’t have to keep buying Total Gym replacement parts all that often. Even the most affordable models allow you to perform a wide range of exercises, and by getting Total Gym accessories you can add a few more exercises to your repertoire.

Another thing about the Total Gym equipment is that the exercises you can do on them seem a whole lot of fun. That’s a rather unusual feature, simply because so many workout equipment allow exercises are either just blah or sometimes even dreaded. Fun exercises are not all that common, but with Total Gym they are.

Now that we’ve mentioned the vaunted versatility of the Total Gym equipment, let’s start to cover how we can expand the range of exercise options to include a few more.

Toning Your Abs with the Total Gym Ab Crunch Board

The last few years in the fitness industry have all been about the abs, just as in a bygone era the emphasis was on the biceps. Who’s to say what caused this sudden need to tone the abs? Maybe it was because trousers were setting lower on the waistline or perhaps it was a reaction to all the beer bellies around.

In any case, toning the abs has become a rather popular fitness goal, especially around summer and the beach season. There are quite a few myths surrounding ab exercises, so you need to do a bit of research on your own. For example, these exercises are not going to rid you of your excess belly fat on their own.
Still, abs toning exercises do offer several benefits. Aside from the aesthetics factor, toning the abs (and the core muscles for good measure) provides better flexibility of the spine, and support for the body. It can even reduce back pain that plagues so many people as they get older.

And that’s where the AbCrunch from Total Gym comes in. This is a pair of padded accessories often used as a place to put your elbows as you do your exercises. Officially, it’s for the Total Gym XLS, but it may also be attached to various Total Gym models including the 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000, 3000XL, XL, XLS, Electra, and FIT.

Like its name suggests, its purpose is to help you tone and firm your abdominal muscles. It’s also a tool for you to boost your core strength as well. And what you may appreciate is that the exercises are easier to do than regular crunches or sit-ups.

You won’t have to figure out the exercises on your own. You also get a free workout DVD showing you how to do the 9 AbCrunch exercises properly. Then depending on your fitness level, you have 4 options regarding the sequence of your workout.

The AbCrunch can help in your efforts to lose body fat. In addition, it tones and strengthens the muscles in your back, butt, and legs. Not bad for just a mere “accessory”.

Toning Your Arms with the Total Gym Dip Bars

The retractable dip bars are compatible with the Total Gym Sport 5100-01, PowerTower 5300-01, and GTS 5200-01. The design of these dip bars is L-shaped.

After you’ve attached them to the Total Gym equipment, you rotate them up when you use them and then rotate them down and retract inward to store them parallel to the rear. The function of these retractable dip bars is to let you target your pecs and triceps to boost your conditioning and strength.

There’s another type of dip bards and they come with a hook design resembling the handle of an umbrella. This pair of dip bars comes with soft grip padded handles, and they’re very easy to attach. You just use a simple locking pin and you’re done in minutes.

These dip bars help you target your chest, shoulders, triceps, and pectorals. The bars are compatible with the Total Gym 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000, 3000XL, XL, XLS, and Electra.

As you can see, there’s a bit of confusion as to which dip bars are compatible with which Total Gym models. You may want to confirm for sure that the set of dip bars you’re buying are compatible with the equipment you already have. While there’s a money-back guarantee, it can still be annoying to get dip bars that don’t fit.

Total Gym Padded Squat Stand

The standard squat stand on some Total Gym models work well enough, but for some the comfort level they offer may not be all that sufficient. And that’s why some people opt to get this particular accessory. It’s well-padded, and it comes with instructions on how to attach it and use it.

One model of the padded squat stand is oval in shape, while another version offers a larger surface area so your feet are more comfortable. Both strengthen your legs when you exercise, particularly your claves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

It is compatible with the Total Gym 2000, 2200, 2500, 3000, 3000XL, 1800 Club, 1700 Club, XL, XLS, Electra, Supra, Power Platinum, and FIT.

Tips on Buying Accessories

When you’re buying accessories for the Total Gym online, you may have other options aside from the official accessories offered by Total Gym. Here are some tips regarding these items.

  1. Make sure they are compatible with the Total Gym equipment you have.
  2. Read up on reviews to see that the manufacturer doesn’t have a shady reputation.
  3. Check reviews to see if there are any flaws about the product. You can also try to get into forums and get some opinions.

Accessories are great, and they can truly add to the usefulness of your Total Gym gear. You just need to be careful about who you’re buying your Total Gym accessories from. The wrong seller may give you substandard equipment, and that wastes your money and may even cause injury.