A Total Gym Model Comparison

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The craze over fitness has not seen its end nor will it diminish any time soon. There are many reasons why everyone is trying to be fit. The main priority is to achieve a healthy lifestyle, and in turn avert any occurrence of lifestyle diseases that are associated with being overweight such as cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks are usually the biggest concern when we talk about cardiovascular diseases). In many regards, the health benefits of being physically fit are in all ways worthy of the trouble one goes through before attaining the fitness. Additionally, there are the benefits of having a better-shaped body, which is well toned or ripped out.

In order to achieve physical fitness, there are many paths that can be followed, with different fitness level in mind. For instance, one can be a frequent user of gyms, where you exercise your body in order to tone your muscle, therefore, being physically fit. However, the hassle involved in attending exercise sessions at the gym are tremendous and may consume a lot of your time which is quite a big inconvenience, especially for people who lead busy lifestyles.

Alternatively, you can opt to have exercising equipment in your home- a home gym. The latter option has caught on with more and more people setting a small portion of the houses to dedicate it for exercising purposes. This is where Total Gym comes in.

About Total Gym

Total Gym are home gym exercising equipment designed for home use. The brand company has been producing home exercising equipment for over 30 years, thus has acquired considerable experience in making exercising equipment. As such, they have been releasing new models now and again with new designs, but using the same basic principles of using body weight as the source of resistance required to work out the body.

The reputation of the company in producing quality exercising equipment is matched by not other company; the endorsements by high-profile personalities such as ChucK Norris and Christie Brinkley are a testament to this.

However, with the increase in the variety of model, many consumers may find it difficult to choose a model. A total gym model comparison is in order, in order to match your exercising requirements with the right gym equipment. It is also important to note that although the newer models have additional features, the old ones are still as effective in achieving fitness one’s fitness goals. A total gym model comparison should thus help you decide on the model that is best suited for your intended fitness level.

Total Gym Model

There are several models that consumers have the option of purchasing. They include the Total Gym Home Models, (which comprises of XLS model and the Fit model) and the Total Gym Home Elite Model (with one model under this line of brand, the GTS). Other earlier models include Total Gym 1000, Total Gym 1500, Total Gym 1700 Club and Total Gym 3000.

A Total Gym Model Comparison: The Differentiating Elements

The differentiating elements are several, including;
Resistance Level

The resistance level in XlS, Total Gym 1000, 1500, 1700 Club, 2000 and 3000 is 6 levels, meaning the resistance 6%-50% of the total body weight. In the Fit model, a higher resistance of 12 is achieved while in GTS an even higher resistance of 22 is achievable.

The Maximum Weight

The maximum weight that each model can hold differs. In the Total Gym 1000 and 1500 models it is 250 pounds, in 1700 Club it’s 325, in Total Gym 2000 and 3000 models it’s 300 pounds, in XLS it’s 400 pounds, in Fit it’s 450 pounds, in GTS it’s 650 pounds.

The Number Of Exercise Achievable

The number of exercises that each model can handle safely also varies considerably. For instance, in the XLS model, one can handle as much as 80 different exercises. In the Fit model, you can carry out over 85 different exercises and in the GTs model, there are over 200 different exercises that are achievable.

The Warranty On Each Model

The warranty provided on each model also differs with the type of model that one purchases. The warranty on frame in the XLS, Total Gym 2000, Total Gym 3000 and Fit model is lifetime, while in GTS is five years, in Total Gym 1000, 1500 and 1700  it’s one year. When it comes to warranty on parts and it’s 6 months in XLS, 2 years in the Fit model. In GTS, the warranty is divided in such a way that the warranty for form is 90 days while the warranty for other part and upholstery are one year. In the Total Gym 1000, 1500 Club and 2000, the warranty on parts is lifetime, while in Total Gym 3000 the warranty is lifetime on the condition that the equipment is used for domestic use only. In the Total Gym 2000 the warranty on part is two years for home use only.